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We sell only the best quality New Zealand sheepskin rugs including the popular Bowron Sheepskin range.

For centuries, sheep farmers have known that no natural or man-made fiber possesses the virtues of 100% sheepskin. The unique combination of leather skin on one side and wool fur on the other lends it remarkable properties. Sheepskin is a pure organic product, unlike any other fiber in the world.

Sheepskin wool is soft and resilient. Its fibers breathe, acting like a natural thermostat for your body. These hollow fibers can absorb up to 30% of their own weight in moisture without feeling wet, keeping you perfectly dry regardless of the weather. The free flow of air between you and the sheepskin fibers is a comforting change from the clamminess of leather and vinyl. New Zealand Sheepskin Rugs are cool in summer and warm in the winter

Impossible to copy synthetically, sheepskin and its wool fibers offer an astounding list of natural qualities. Your sheepskin items will last for years with minimal care - most often, only brushing, shaking out, or vacuuming is required. 

    • resists snags, tears, wrinkles, soiling and pilling.
    • wool does not shed, because it's attached to the skin. It isn't woven and then brushed up, like wool pile fabric that is loose enough to be pulled out or worn off. Sheepskin wool is embedded into the leather.
    • drapes beautifully; never sags and retains shape.
    • is static-free.
    • is flame resistant.
    • is wind-proof.
    • stays warm even when wet.
    • is a natural moisturizer due to the high content of lanolin in the wool.
    • is water resistant. The seeded skin side is naturally water resistant.

    New Zealand sheepskin rugs can be gently hand or machine washed. We recommend  adding lanolin when washing your sheepskin.We also sell the well known Bowron Sheepskin Rugs.

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